Barb Sadek

From pencil drawing to acrylics, and eventually watercolour, metalwork and jewelry design, Barbara strives to create. Often donating portions of her work to wildlife conservation, Barb is passionate about her art and the message behind her pieces.


Kaylie Seaver

The very definition of an artist: She sings, writes music, paints, plays multiple instruments and is currently a tattoo artist at The Ink Spot in Ottawa, Ontario.

Instagram @kayliecs

David Girard

His many talents include comic illustrations, acrylic and oil painting, sculpting, air-brushing, theme park productions for wall displays and wood-burning and digital work using Photoshop.  He's also published two children's books if that wasn't enough.

David Gerard Creations

Murm von Styles

Murm Von Styles' art skills are vast and cover quite a bit of ground. He creates music, paints, does pencil work, worked on numerous projects for video game developers, and web-design. The list goes on and on.

Alistair Murphy

He has worked in the digital, branding, advertising and animation industry for over 20 years, working with companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Discovery channel, Netflix and many many more. 

Travis Doubt

He is an Ottawa local whose paintings and illustrations range from abstract to realism and occasionally somewhere in between.

 Instagram @david_travis_doubt

Luc Larochelle

Using his media of choice Pen & Ink, Luc recently released a colouring book. He is  is currently working on a series called Who am I?

Sean Lance

Sean has been doing photography for about 6 years now. His style is all his own and he proudly doesn't use any Photoshop to create his pieces. 

Instagram @madirisphotography

Chantal Larochelle

 Chantal is a freelance graphic designer based in Sudbury. Illustration is a passion of hers, she loves creating fun images inspired by her favourite films.

It's very obvious just how much Jeff loves horror. While he does art purely as a hobby you can clearly see he has some amazing talent to back up his hobby.