The following people helped to make Art of Horror Vol1 a reality.


Graphic Designer/Book Layout/Editor and Professional advice 

Coleen Stewart -

artist/administrator/assisted in everything really 

Murm Von Styles -  infinitytheoryproductions

editor/legal advice

Michele Kennedy


Kaite Bishop

computer image editing/graphic design advice

Chris Rose 

back cover design

Alistair Murphy - alistairdesign


Alistair Murphy - alistairdesign

Alexandra Michelle Dominique -

Ashley Carmichael -

Barbara Liesbeth 'Van' Sadek - Betwixt-the-Nethers-Inspired-by-Nature


Chantal Larochelle -

Christopher F Rose

David Girard -

James Love

Jamie Lance -


Jeff Kahle -

Kaylie Seaver - Instagram @kayliecs

Leslie Varady -

                       - Instagram @leslievarady/

Linda Malik - Instagram @Lppmalik


Luc Larochelle - Instagram @whenimhighart

Mike Moffat

Murm Von Styles -


Natasha Bambrick - Instagram @natsumi_sans_workshop


Natasha James -

Sean Lance - Instagram @madirisphotography

Travis Doubt - Instagram @david_travis_doubt