Jan 2018

Hey everyone.

How exciting! Looks like I will be interviewed on The Pulse on AMI Audio.

Check it out on Thursday, January the 11th, between between 1pm - 2pm Eastern. You can stream it live at the link below.


You can listen to Dave Brown pick my brain about Art of Horror vol1 and horror in general.

Tune in!!

Also you can listen on all cable packages no matter how basic your cable is. :D

Jamie Lance

First stab

Well hello and welcome to Art of Horror Vol1.

This will be the place I try to keep everyone up to date on everything in regards to production and whatnot. Well, as much as possible in any case.

All of the artwork has essentially been submitted by this weekend. I'll be meeting with the graphic designer Coleen Stewart (stewartstudios.ca) next week to put the final touches on the layout.

I am thinking of doing a pre-order type thing once I get the draft in my hands. I'll have more details on that in the coming month.

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